The Joy Web Sight

The Ecstasy of Hybrid Vigour and Daisycutters


Ink Pot

30 December 2015

Artists Ship

29 December 2015

We Can Have Nice Things

nice things

16 December 2015

Canary Wharf Platform

14 December 2015


Ahana asked me for some money and i dont want to give that stuff away so I got this guy to give her some and then she jumpped out of an airplae, it was even flying

12 December 2015

working together

8 December 2015

arrogance of ignorance

Water, Water

7 December 2015

Gate Way of India, Chopper Hoppers

4 December 2015 by P March

Design Awareness

3 December 2015


Image taken from page 371 of 'Canada. An encyclopædia of the country ... By a corps of eminent writers and Specialists ... Edited by J. C. Hopkins ... Illustrated. (Index, topical and personal.)'

25 November 2015



Ian Drinks

Ian drinks

23 November 2015

Not That Song

19 November 2015

House, Home

15 November 2015

Really Isn't

13 November 2015

Don't Kill Your Television

12 November 2015


10 November 2015

Collection of Movie Posters

9 November 2015

Oh those crazy Americans!

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5 November 2015

What is Required

Still Looking

2 November 2015

Not Finding

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31 October 2015

M - Synopsis

The janitors of human garbage struggle to locate a parasite while the vermin hatch their own plan.

Tuning In

A mesmerising radio show hosted by Josie Long under the title of Copycat. The programme is called Shortcuts hosted by BBC Radio 4, funny since it is built by someone named Long.

28 October 2015

To London Bridge

27 October 2015


26 October 2015

OOIOO, Mountain Book

25 October 2015

amethyst deceiver

A photo posted by elisa rathje (@appleturnover) on

22 October 2015


21 October 2015


A photo posted by Jonathan Hood (@j0nathanh00d) on

20 October 2015

Inherent Vice

Phone calls on the green phone

19 October 2015

Snowy from Childhood Window

16 October 2015




15 October 2015

A Machine Made of Words

13 October 2015


8 October 2015

Get Me a Drink


6 October 2015


5 October 2015

FGS Sachsen

Silver Chair

1 October 2015

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